Peak Performance in your IVR & Contact Center

There are many metrics to help an institution understand how the company IVR and Contact Center are performing.  But do managers really understand what impacts those numbers and what can be done to make improvements?

Contact Centers can be a hotbed for customer dissatisfaction. Their performance can make or break customer loyalty.  A Contact Center can only become an organizational asset when it:

  • Honors the customer needs (or department needs for internal contact centers)
  • Builds processes to satisfy those needs
  • Measures key performance factors to ensure those processes are working

When these goals are achieved, data such as customer call rationale, representative utilization, hold times, etc. become a critical and trusted part of understanding the entire organization.

Customer service representatives need the ability to answer the phone and resolve questions quickly. Hold times need to be minimized and at or under the customer’s expectation. Yet these important metrics, taken alone, with little or no regard to other client-affecting service level indicators, can lead to a loss of relationships.

PROFIT INSIGHT® helps financial institutions understand how their company IVR and Contact Centers are performing.   We help develop ways to change those centers and the methodology to implement those changes for immediate and dramatic impact on performance. Contact us at to help ensure your front-line is performing at its peak performance.